Murray Barnes

An Australian Entrepreneur

Murray Barnes is a Queensland, Australia, based entrepreneur, Microsoft Certified Professional, System Administrator and Database Administrator, website and cloud-based software developer and business owner with many years of experience under his belt.


Murray started his web development career in 1998 by building his first production website for a computer company he was working with.

1998 to 2000

From 1998 until 2000 Murray was building websites in Australia and England... he built several large websites for numerous business and companies.

2000 to 2004

In the year 2000 Murray moved to The Netherlands and began working in the European Head Office for a billion-dollar USA company as the Head European Web Developer.

He managed websites for 4 divisions of the company in 17 countries and 12 languages with the help of a non-technical Website Manager/Coordinator and backup from the USA when needed.

During this time Murray also built an Intranet for the 6 European offices and honed his skills.

Murray maintained his client base at the same time and learnt the latest coding of the time.

Murray's skills were also considered essential to the Dutch Economy and he received many tax and social benefits from the Dutch Government for his skills.

2004 to Present - Webtrix®

In 2004 Murray returned to Australia, for family reasons, and planted roots back home... he created Webtrix® and built his own Content Management System (CMS).

The original CMS ran successfully for 12 years... once decommissioned Murray focused on custom websites and cloud-based software systems.

Webtrix® continues to successfully run supporting current and new Australian and international clients.


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